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Personal Chef Services

Many studies have shown that good nutrition can help improve exercise performance, decrease recovery time from strenuous exercise, prevent injuries, control weight management, and reduce chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and possibly some cancers.  A balanced menu is before anything, a menu that offers a variety of healthy foods to satisfy the body's nutritional needs, and if reasonable, one's personal needs.  The secret of a well-balanced menu lies in consuming a variety of foods, the right amount of food, and learning how to accept and compensate for a day of indulgence.

Chef Hall has been certified as a Nutrition & Personal Fitness Chef through the Spencer Institute: a leader in life coaching and wellness education.  This certification further enhances Chef Hall's life-long passion of shopping for, cooking and eating seasonal and healthy foods.  The amount of information available today on food is overwhelming, intimidating, and often times misleading. 

Chef Hall can help guide you through the food choice 'maze' to select fresh, seasonal whole foods that are lower in fat, salt, and just taste better because they are fresh and in season.  These programs are targeted to help those who are committed to making long-term changes to their eating habits and food selection choices to help attain or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

ChefShare Coaching Program

This program provides private health and wellness coaching engagements with Chef Derrick over the phone, via email, via webcam, or in person and entails any or all of the following:

  • Learning to shop for seasonal, fresh, and healthy foods
  • Reading nutrition labels correctly and making wise selections
  • Stocking your pantry with healthy ingredients
  • Learning to cook with seasonal, fresh, whole foods
  • Modifying recipes to reduce fat and salt for healthier eating
  • Planning healthy menus for entertaining
  • Developing healthy strategies for dining out
  • Developing customized menu programs for overall wellness and weight management

Chef Derrick is pleased to offer the ChefShare Coaching Program ( designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient and physician).

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