Begin Again Living Ministries - (B.A.L.M.)


Sample Wedding Vows

The vow is often the most personal, powerful, heartfelt, and emotional element of the wedding ceremony.  Increasingly couples write their own distinctively personal vows.  They may be read, repeated, memorized, even put to music and song. The vow encompasses the lifelong promise of love and commitment. 

Here is a sampling of Marriage and Wedding Vows from various weddings I've performed:

(Groom/Bride): I, ____________, take you, ____________, to be my wife/husband; to love and to cherish, in sickness and in heal, for richer, for poorer, through good times and bad, as long as we both shall live.

(Groom/Bride): I, ________, do vow, before God and these witnesses, to love, honor, and cherish ________, and to commit to (him/her) my fidelity, my honor, and my trust. With God as my witness, I do pledge this sacred vow from this day forth, as long as we may sojourn upon this earth.

(Groom/Bride): I, ________, take you, ________, to be my (wife/husband). And I promise and covenant, before God and these witnesses, to be your loving and faithful (husband/wife); in plenty and want, in joy and sorrow, in sickness and health, as long as we both shall live.

(Groom/Bride): ________, today I promise to love and honor you all my life; and to give you my strength, and to stand by you in joy and in sorrow, and ask you to stand by me. I want you to share your hopes, desires, and dreams with me. I pray that our home will be one of love and understanding. I promise to care for you when you are sick, stand by you when times are difficult, and to share the warmth and joy of life. I give you all my trust and all of my tomorrows. I will grow with you as long as I live.

(Groom/Bride): ________, from today, I will belong to you for the rest of my life.  I promise to love, to honor, and to cherish you always.  To do all I can to make our home a place of love, peace, joy, and understanding.  To care for you when you are sick, to share both the burdens and the triumphs of our lives together.  I will support your hopes and dreams.  I will respect your views and consider them as important as my own.  I trust you with my future, and promise to share with you all of my joys, my sorrows, my compassion, my hopes and my dreams as long as we both live.  I promise to always stand by your side as your partner, your love, and your best friend.