Begin Again Living Ministries - (B.A.L.M.)


Using Technology

I currently coach clients who aren’t in my office – but in their own home or office. Clients who need assistance, either short or long term, but can’t always make it into my California office can use this available service.

What Happen Before the Skype Session?

* Fill out a survey to identify your strengths and weaknesses

* Study guide and worksheet are sent to you

* You will need to have Skype on your computer with a video camera, Android or iPhone

* Book your sessions ahead of time, usually two or more sessions at a time

* Experience encouragement, hope and healing

What Happens During the Skype Session?

  • Meet with Chaplain for one hour via Skype
  • You need a quiet uninterrupted space – no pets or family interruptions – for the session time
  • The time is totally focused on the session – no other phone calls.
  • The first Skype session is usually one hour, subsequent sessions 45 minutes
  • Worksheets are sent to you ahead of each session and need to be submitted the day before each coaching session.
  • Click here to download Skype software to your desktop

When you book your private Skype session, please use the link to your left "Buy Now", and confirm the booking with a $50.00 non-refundable deposit, paid by credit card or email money transfer prior to your visit. Upon receipt, we will send your confirmation and intake forms.